Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Being Royally GenderFucked

My dear delicious followers. I have done it again. Gone and disappeared for over a month, leaving you here, doubtfully completely alone, but surely with a giant Boy at Sea-shaped hole in your hearts. And for that, I am truly sorry. Quick! Here's something pretty! Absolutely lovely loafers from Yuketen. Want want want. But seriously my loves, I'm not trying to avoid the topic at hand - the fact that I have been absent for over a month! Shame. And to think the last time we spoke I said I was going to try and be more present in this relationship. "Try" being the key word. I did try. BUT I also got wildly caught up in life and fashion and being RIDICULOUSLY queer and summer in Massachusetts, summer in Boston no less. Which brings me to the point of why I finally could no longer contain myself and just KNEW that I needed to give you all a little fashion morsel from the mind of a very HOT, SWEATY, and CRANKY genderfuck living in the city during the summer...

And so, the following thought crossed my mind the other day, and it was this:
Being a genderfuck in the summer really just means being gender fucked in the summer. I remember talking with some fellow gender-benders during the spring about the misery and woe of attempting to dress comfortably for your gender presentation during the hot and OH SO HUMID summer months of Massachusetts. At the time, I simply said: "Linens! Layer with white v-neck tees, linen button downs and make some sweet jean cut-off shorts! You'll be fine!"
Well, this past week, when the humidity pushed temperatures into the high 90s and I was trekking to and from work, and trying to enjoy my weekends and it didn't matter what I was wearing, or how perfectly my hair was done, it would all be sweated out 2 blocks down the street...It was around then, and after a couple more conversations of agreement with various other genderfucks that we all realized we were just plain fucked in the summer. And don't even get me started if you also bind. I can't even, uh, I just, I can't even discuss it right now. The point is this: These brutal summer months are just not conducive to those of us who are female-bodied, presenting masculine and trying to be masters of our sartorial fates.

Therefore I plan on doing some serious reconnaissance work in the next couple of weeks and doing a major overhaul update to my wardrobe in search of items that are hopefully a little we say "useful" to the well-dressed genderfuck about town. I don't know how successful my search is going to be, but I will surely keep you informed if I find any true gems. In the meantime I suggest keeping cool with lots of V-neck tees, preferably in dark colors (they keep the chest pretty well hidden, unfortunately they are dark and sun absorbing), and light fabric shorts, boat shoes always help, and I still support linen button-downs to add an extra layer...speaking of, I found a killer white linen, monochromatic gingham, short-sleeved button-down at H&M recently. Does the trick quite nicely.

...SO until I design my own clothing line specifically tailored for queer bodied people in need of stylish clothes that fit CORRECTLY and are perfect for all seasons, than we shall have to trudge on and find what we can. Onward my favorite fashionable friends! Alright, I have to keep this post short...sort I'll now just proceed to pictures!

1. I promised I would provide shots of the shoes by Gant that I found at a thrift store, ALONG WITH, these AMAZING and LEGIT Ray-Bans that my uncle gave me. He got them in 1951 and I am swooning. Gush!2. And my unfortunate wardrobe (a small piece of it!) with all of my winter colors because I have been poor and the current summer choices have been less than appealing! Boo. 3. And lastly, just to keep all you trendy queers satisfied....It was recently European Fashion Week and I was obviously following it via GQ and other fashion sites. There were some pieces that just left me drop-jawed and absolutely mesmerized. I'll include a couple of my favorite shots taken on the streets by the amazing photographer Tommy Ton...enjoy. I know I did...Love this look. All variations of blue, patterns and texture combination. Super sexy. Super well organized.
This is a great shot not only because of the awesome Ray-Bans (!) but just look at the brown polka dot tie paired with the brown stripes of that shirt which looks to have a half spread collar. Elegant - and the pocket square just to bring it together!
I would not normally recommend a tie that matches the shirt you're wearing, especially when it is such a bold pattern, but damn if this look doesn't work SUPER well. That jacket is pretty epic too. Bravo anonymous sir. Details! Look at all the lovely details! Those pants with the denim shirt, sleeves rolled once, absolutely PERFECT accessories on the arm, a watch that I would kill for, SUSPENDERS no less with what looks like a simple pattern and, I do believe, a green and dark blue KNIT TIE. I want it. Get it on me. Lastly, I am SO. STOKED. that brightly colored pants are so in this year. Makes my heart happy. That color in the middle, paired with a sexy gray sport coat with black piping I saw on Justin Bieber (shut it, you know you harbor a secret massive crush too) and I would be the talk of the town. One day my favorites, one day.

Alright my darling queers, one more little tidbit and I'll be off. LookBook. Check it out and get to swooning over the wonderfully fashionable and delicious people all over the world. Perhaps you can find some styles worth trying out during these brutal summer months. I'll discuss some of my favorites in upcoming posts....

Well my dears, I must be off, science waits for no queer. Especially not the fashion forward ones. So, stay cool, keep those lovely queer heads up and I'll report back soon with thoughts and ideas on how to look our best and stay our sexiest during the genderfucked months of summer.

Keep them guessing,
your BaS

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  1. As I discussed with the BaS post-softball yesterday. I agree, we are pretty screwed in the summer, since the heat makes it so much harder to layer, create tricks of the eye, and accessorize.

    However, one advantage of summer, for me, is that I can wear men's shorts without alteration. So much easier than dealing with men's pants (where buying the appropriate waist size means hemming basically to the knee and looking distinctively undistinguished.)