Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Too Many Words...But Just So Much To Say!

Good afternoon my fashionable friends!
As usual I have fallen short of my not-so-unreasonable goal to post once a week - but I swear my dear readers, I think about you daily and have been keeping a running list of all the topics I have in mind for future posts. So fear not, there is a great deal I have to say about what to wear, how to wear it, and where to find it for all of the female-bodied male-presenting people out there. Seriously though folks, I spend way too much time thinking about fashion.

Alright, let's get right into the exciting things, shall we?

1. New camera! Very very exciting, and honestly this is why I have been absent from the warm glow of the interwebs - because setting up makeshift photo shoots and wandering around Boston taking pictures of EVERYTHING is just so. much. better. Don't get me wrong internet, I'm here, I'm back, I still love you.

That being said, let's get right into pictures of some of my fall outfits that I am not only feeling incredibly comfortable in, but also pretty fashion-forward...
(Click to enlarge because there is more to this picture!)

An extra large close up of the Ralph Lauren Rugby tweed vest and vintage tie I thrifted from Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square and Oona's in Harvard Square. I really wanted you to see the detail in these two pieces because the tie is just fantastic, and as it turns out, heavier rakish tweed vests are very in this season. Which is also beneficial to us queers because these are the types of vests you can wear out for a casual weekend or dressed up with a tie to the office and it provides an extra layer while still cutting a masculine form.

Here is the same vest in an outfit...
 Now, I was definitely going for a "look" with this picture. I added my "newsboy" cap, black Michael Kors sport coat, and used a vintage knit tie as a loose quirky scarf. Taken together, the whole thing might be a bit over the top for just a day out or a day at the office.
However, 1. I am a bit over the top and 2. The main idea to take away from this outfit is that the vest does a fantastic job of hiding my chest, even though I only threw it on over a gray tee. Furthermore, the sport coat adds an element of formality to an otherwise rough look. I wore this for the rest of the day, out and about in the city, and I felt confident in the masculine image I cut, but also dapper and unique.

The other amazing find I had that same day when I was thrifting, was also at Buffalo Exchange and was also by Ralph Lauren Rugby. A hunter green, wool shawl-collar sweater. Please, allow me to provide you with a better picture of such a find!
I am completely in love with this sweater for a number of reasons. For starters, the shawl-collar is making a comeback on a lot of runways this year in mens fashion, as are sweaters that are a bit bulkier but still give a fit silhouette. 

Secondly, and obviously a factor I am hyper-aware of, is that whether I pull it on over a tee, or a button down, my chest appears flat. The sweater is heavy enough to provide me with some added bulk to hide, but is not so huge that it completely overpowers me or the rest of my outfit. 

Lastly, as you can see in the top picture, I also wrapped a thrifted colorful pattered scarf around my neck and tucked it into the collar. In my opinion this not only helps draw the eye up away from the chest and instead to the pop of color at the neck, but also hides the lack of an adam's apple. (I obviously don't know what gets your goat when you're walking down the street, but I am always attune to people staring first at my chest, and then at my neck as they try to figure me out. I've picked up certain tricks to help me out.)

2. My go-to fashion guide (duh) GQ has a pretty fantastic rundown of this Fall's style trends which I recommend you all take a gander at here. While GQ clearly gears their advice/images at cis-gendered men I enjoy frequenting their site and have a subscription to their magazine because I feel as though their current, classic, dapper, and ahead-of-the-curve take on men's fashion can be applied liberally to the queer community. 

I find the words of GQ often coming back to me when I am in a store attempting to find a dress shirt that fits, or a fabric that is not only masculine and fashionable but also beneficial to my form. So if my endorsement of GQ is overwhelming, don't fret, I am still very much aware of how unfortuntately and strictly gendered this magazine is. I am however, finding ways to make today's gendered fashion work to my needs

You read: Camel is in this season as a color? 
I say: Fantastic, I can make that work. 
Heavy lace-up boots are super trendy? 
Great, because they give a small foot more weight. 
Layering with vests and sport coats and chunky sweaters and scarves is what every well-dressed man will be wearing this year?? 
Well brilliant, because Dear GQ, you have no idea how perfectly that works for me! 

Just a couple looks I appreciated (thanks GQ):

The point being, in trying to find ways to break fashion binaries, we must use what we are given to our advantage. Alright, onwards with the exciting things!

3. Did you know that Boston has a Fashion Week?! Because I was unaware. Shame on me. Well Boston Fashion Week is upon us and you should definitely check out the website for a listing of all the events that will be taking place...click! Some of the events are pricey, some are free and look fantastic! I am planning on trying to attend some and if nothing else I figure hanging out near these events will certainly provide me with wonderfully fashionable people of whom I can practice street-shooting on. 

4. LookBook! My dear folks, I have posted my first look on LookBook.nu and therefore you should all go check out my look and my profile! If you have an account than you should DEFINITELY hype my look. If not, than check out the site anyways, it's pretty interesting. As I put more looks together and hopefully get more people to hype I will also start posting those looks here as well - more exposure never hurt anyone, I mean right?

Alright, that is obviously enough information for one post. And so with that I shall leave you, but hopefully for not nearly as long this time. I am anticipating some epic fall fashion coming out of my closet this year and I am hoping to get you guys just as excited as I am. So, people, duh. Stay tuned. 

Keep them guessing (in camel color no less)

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  1. M - that first photo of you? with the vest and the scarf and the hat? SO good. well done.