Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Aesthetics

[Originally posted on March 22nd 2010]

Good day sirs and misses and mirs and sisses, and anyone and everyone else on that wonderful color spectrum that I most adore, good day!

I know, I know…Tis a Monday, and what a Monday it tis. After such an outstandingly beautiful weekend, here we are ready to the start the week draped in gray. The red line was slowed up by an emergency, people were cantankerous (word points for me!) and I did not see a single person whose choice of wardrobe made me swoon. Boston, my love, fail.

But! I greet you with such enthusiasm because I figured we could relive the loveliness that was this past weekend and thus get through the Monday Mopes.

While I have a variety of random little thoughts that I wanted to mention today, I decided that they were all linked by…yes, you’ve guessed it. Aesthetics. And I’ll break this post down into bullet points to better appeal to your flow-chart minded Mondays.

  • If you have not yet been to the galleries on Thayer St. off of Harrison Ave in the South End. DO IT. Right now, I kid you not. You’ll be a happier person for it. All of the galleries that I browsed were amazing (definitely check out the photo exhibit by Jess Dugan called Coupled, amazing color portraits of various female-bodied queer couples, stunning) but two that caught my oh-so-Queer eye were Bobby From Boston and Tour de France. Bobby From Boston was not actually open but what I was able to gather from the front window displays and from what I’ve learned online is that it is a wonderfully old-school clothing/accessory shop geared towards the fashion savvy, dapper (trans/queer/cis/or other)man-about-town. Swoon indeed my loyal readers! I gushed! The first picture you see below of the uber stylish mannequin was taken from inside the store. No doubt I’ll be returning the next time I have a moment away from science. Tour de France was exactly as the name describes. The other picture you see that is just a mess of colors and bold uplifting swatches of fabric was taken from inside this charming art/furnishing/home decor store. And truly, it was that wall of fabric that had me overpowered the entire time. Such color, such unreal light! I found myself wanting to make window treatments or napkins or…or…pocket squares! Yes, pocket squares, my new fixation and accessory of choice for the suited individual. It’s true, they say to keep your shirt plain and solid if you’re going to have a bolder or patterned pocket square, but I would like to think that a bright bold pocket square would go dashingly with a muted checked patterned dress shirt. But I digress.
  • (I bet your Monday doldrums are feeling lifted already though…) Onward….
  • Can my main decision for remaining in an apartment really be “I love how the daylight comes in during the morning”. YES. Goddamn, it can be your main reason. It’s my main reason and I’m sticking to my aesthetically pleased guns here, folks. Now that the warmth is trying to make a comeback (and what a masterful attempt that was this past weekend, Earth!) I am once again drawn to the fact that perhaps my favorite thing about my apartment is that during the early morning and through late afternoon the sun comes pouring through the rooms with such intensity and geometric perfection that I refuse to turn a light on until after dark. The way I see it, if so natural a thing can fill you so full of joy everytime, why leave quite yet? Academia, wonder lust, and money will be on my heels soon enough, for now…for now I bask in the light. (And yes, I referenced my apartment and it’s sunlight to a cathedral in this picture. Yes, it’s an atheist joke. Yes, I’m the only one laughing)
  • Alright, moving right along, I’m sure The Man is wondering where your expense reports are by now (my boss is trekking across Bhutan as we speak, so I’m slightly less concerned with my current endeavors)
  • So, last but definitely not least. As of last night I booked a ticket to L.A. in April to visit the mystical, magical, one and only Kate Willis! Epic-ness is sure to ensue and my post after that week-long love-fest is sure to be just as epic. But for now I leave you with the thought of West Hollywood (where Kate told me we would certainly be going). Therefore, reference the last picture of the two adorable and stylish guys locking lips. Yes sirree, queer and fashionable…here I come. And I will also try to answer my own age-old question: Are famous people actually real?

Stay tuned my fastidious friends, for there are larger and even bolder plans in the works for this blog…

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