Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Those Who Are Questionably Queer (who aren't so questionable)

[Originally posted on March 12th 2010]

Another blog of brief, my dearests. For today, after work I am off to NYC with the great B and C and thus will not find the time to post this delicious little tidbit for a few days. So I’ll just give it to you here:

by now I hope you’ve stopped reading my prose and are ogling the video. If you haven’t yet, then FUCKING GET ON IT, IT’S FUCKING LADY GAGA’S NEW VIDEO AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO HAVE YOUR QUEER LITTLE MIND MOTHA FUCKING BLOWN. Ahem, 'scuse me. But seriously…gay gay gay gay gay. Gay. And I love it. We’ll discuss more later, I promise, but for now, enjoy it and while you’re at it, turn it into a drinking game. For every gay thing you see, take a drink! Too early for drinks? Hot toddies, ya pansy, didn’t I mention those in an earlier post??

Also, just saying, the last time I was in NYC I had never left the woods, was underage, straight, and still confined to the box labeled Female. Sooo, basically this weekend will probably be epic. Have no fear my favorite followers, I’ll report back with all the dangerous details…alliteration avenger away!

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