Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Boston Style

[Originally posted on March 11th 2010]

Okay, so I will be having some serious thoughts coming up in later posts, however, I only have so much time to post a blog while I am at work. For instance, I am currently waiting for blood samples to freeze so I can thaw them, so I can freeze them, so I can thaw them, and make DNA. No joke. My life. Therefore, I have some moments right now for this brief little update of words.

I have been doing some serious thinking lately on fashion. If you know Madi, this is actually not something I normally talk about. Alas, the trendy beast that is Boston has me in a choke hold and I am just going to run with it.

Which brings me to the picture here.

For as many reasons as I appreciate the Boston trendy/hipster/form-fitting style, there are equally as many reasons why it drives me crazy. This picture, this is what EVERYONE is wearing right now. Take a random sampling of, oh say, 10 young people off the streets of Boston, or Brookline, or Somerville, or JP and I guarentee probably half will have on at least 2 articles of clothing from this picture. And yes, this picture was taken from the women’s wardrobe….HOWEVER and TRUST ME the clothes are interchangeable between the sexes (and all the other genders and sexes out there). Mix and match, match and don’t match…so long as you have some plaid, some skinny jeans, a hip hairdo, and some chunky glasses, you are GOOD TO GO.

Ah yes, smell that? Spring is in the air. And along with it, more trendy hipsters. Good thing this look is so goddamn flattering on everybody! It forces you to find clothes that fit just right to your body, and not only gives you a bold silhouette, and an edgy vibe, you can walk into an interview in these clothes and people will know that if you can match patterns so boldly than obviously you’re a smart risk-taker for the workplace.

Anyways, just something I’ve noticed. Love me some hipsters, I do. And so does Boston, because while this look is world-wide for sure, Beantown is getting down hardcore with it. And don’t worry loyal readers, I’m not here to judge, the Downtown Crossing H&M employees recognize me now.

Further comments to come on being well-dressed. Stay tuned you hep cats and apathetic trendsters.

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  1. Hey! I'm writing about hipsters at the moment, in connection with disney...let me know if you mind me using this photo.

    THanks for the article! You'd be surprised at how much conformity to the hipster look you'll find up here in Canada, too. I'm in Calgary and it's definitely the first name in fashion styles at the moment. I find it interesting that an overtly androgynous look is so hip right now...thoughts?