Friday, April 2, 2010

On the man I want to be...and the style I want to have...

[Originally posted on March 31st 2010]

Alright my kings, queens, and queers…as promised I return to you today with fresh thoughts and fresh looks. And while Tumblr is stingy when it comes to uploading pictures I have gathered as many as possible for you. So that for Wonderful World of Fashion Wednesday I have for you, my version of (and my first ever!) mood board!

A quick lesson. Mood boards are used by designers (and whoever else is feeling crafty) to depict exactly that…a mood, a feeling, a look for whatever it is they are trying to capture through cloth.

And my take on a mood board today is simply a slide show of pictures that I slaved away trying to find. (From all over the internets, so this is me giving credit where credit is due…wherever that is).

So, do I still have your attention? Or did I lose you at fashion? Well I should hope not, you fools! If you stuck around for my nostalgic ramblings of yesteryear (on Monday’s post) than you know that I’ve taken quite the turn in my own personal stylings. And while I certainly still have my own look I do tend to be drawn to what is popular now for men - and thank heavens that look has finally reached a flattering and dapper place!

And so for today I give you, the three men, I most want to be. And yes, yes, I know, while my own long label for my gender presentation and identity does not actually suggest that I physically want to become a man, you should definitely know by now that your Boy at Sea wants to dress like the best of them!

Okay, okay, enough nonsense, on with it already!

My three men and a brief comment on each:

1. Robert Downey Jr.:

If you can just disregard his slightly crazier years, than seriously folks how can you look at this man and not swoon?! Not only is he an actor that has our hearts but he's just so gosh darn stylish! That suit he wore to the Oscars?...

You know you’re a God of Garb when you manage to look that good at an event where every man is expected to wear a black suit, with black tie or bow tie. He gave it just a hint of personality, but not too extreme. The color and sheen of his bow tie, and then his glasses, and his shoes - all subtle details that pulled his look together and gave him just the right amount of flair to stand out in a sea of well-dressed penguins. I also gave you some Sherlock pictures and some shirtless pictures…because I mean really…I must be him.

2. Edward Norton:

Well here we go, I give you my favorite actor. Not only have I loved him in probably every film he’s done (think American History X and Fight Club - oh Fight Club! Combining by favvy fav actor with my favvy fav author, sigh! ) But I also think he is just downright attractive! That smile, that face, that body…yikes, let’s try to keep it kosher here.

Now, if you know your little sweater vest-wearing queer at all, than you know that my attraction to men is more often than not an appreciation of a form and body that I can understand, that I can connect with. So yes, really, I want to look like that. Now, Norton hasn’t exactly given me the chills when it comes to style, he’s well dressed for sure, no major faux pas, but I mean nothing like RDJr and certainly nothing like my next leading man. (But don’t fret Edward! Just keep acting, and perhaps teaming up with Chuck Palahniuk and my devotion will never waver)

So…speaking of Chucks…

3. Ed Westwick (specifically his character Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl)

B and I have a running joke (maybe) life goal (definitely) that we are in fact Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl. Ahem, if you’re judging right now you can just stop it. There’s no judging when you’re with your Boy at Sea. No, sir. But anyways, no folks, I do not have the sex appeal and cool, calm, calculating demeanor of Chuck Bass, nor do I have the money, the clothing, the business plan, the limo, or the penchant for call girls, usually (alright alright I’m nothing like him! Sheesh!) However, I have the desire. The desire for the fashion at least…and perhaps to be as suave as he is (seriously people, do you swoon for me yet?). But I have never seen such an amazingly dressed character in my life! Show after show, he never falters. His choices are sometimes a little over the top and occasionally call his sexuality into question (you know I love it!), but above everything else he is always impeccable, always perfection.

And there is always an attention to detail that could save the human race if we all just took a moment to notice the pattern and fold of our pocket square against the cut and color of our suit! I’m not even kidding, the character Chuck Bass is my super hero of mens fashion and if we all just let ourselves be saved, well shit kids, imagine the beauty!

Now, the actual actor, Ed Westick, he seems just as conscious about his style and not to mention he is downright pretty, and a year younger than me! Gives me hope. For what you ask? For everything. A final comment, on Westwick…I’ve only seen him in Gossip Girl (which he’s brilliant in) but apparently he was also in Children of Men…um…AWESOME. I’ll have to watch that one again. Although I get the feeling that in a movie about destruction and the dying human race there wont be much of a chance for him to be wearing a white suit with fantastic black piping. Alas. A boy can dream.

Well, I should probably wrap this up, and go do science-related things since it is 11:45. Oh! almost noon, I’ll go eat lunch then, yes, fabulous. It’s been a busy morning of blogging anyways.

So cheers my lovely loyals! I hope you enjoyed my first mood board, I have high hopes to actually start working on more, real ones in time. But until then, take what you will from my three men of splendor and notice how while all are incredibly different in form, and look…all can wear a suit, like gods can they wear suits. And that my friends is why I’m here in the first place.

It’s all about the suit.

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