Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Embracing Your Own Ginger Quiff

[Originally posted on March 26th 2010]

Good evening! Please, lend me your ears for a moment my dear readers! Is anyone even still reading this? No, but seriously, I have a real nice tidbit for you today (even though it’s midnight, this is considered my Friday post).

Alright, so I have for you today, something to brighten your Friday - even brighter than I anticipate it already is - and also to put a little pep in your step in preparation for the weekend. So this weekend, I put it to you, get out there and be as completely daring and honest and heartbreaking as you can be. Be loud and proud. And no, that doesn’t just have to be a gay thing.

Yes, yes enough already! I stumbled across this video when I was perusing for the female side of fashion that I am trying desperately to stay abreast of (that was for you B)…and obviously when I saw the name La Roux the rest of the world dissolved around me. If you know your Boy at Sea at all, you’ll know that La Roux and mainly the stunner falsetto Elly Jackson is my heart-stopping crush at the moment. If you haven’t listened to La Roux’s self-titled album yet, GET ON IT YOU FOOLS! It will be anything and everything you wanted for any mood (but certainly for the get up and go weekend mood). Now I definitely don’t know how to critique music so I am just here to say: It’s fantastic, are you listening to it yet?! Why not?!?!?

Okay, well while you rush out and immediately buy the CD (buy the CD?! Who am I? Your Grandpa at Sea? Buy the CD, psshaa, I meant download it or whatever tricks you and your internets have up your sleeves, so GO already!) I will proceed on with my post…

The video is an interview with Elly Jackson as she discusses her rise to fame, but more importantly her androgynous fashion sense and freaking orgasmic ginger quiff! And again, if you know me at all, you know I have the hots for redheads…all. the. time. So when you take that glorious red hair, cut it short, slick the sides and roll the rest of it up into a massive tower of mohawk-y perfection, well let’s just say *swooooooon*

But I swear I have a point. The point is this, here’s the point. Here is a woman, discussing that when she finally let herself shake off the oppression of trying fit into something she wasn’t, and finally cut off her hair, and started wearing the clothes she feels most comfortable in, it was then that she was able to step out and be seen and heard. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and apparently the word on the street is that no, unfortunately, she is not gay….but I’m holding out hopes that she just hasn’t yet discovered the wonderful generosity that the word “queer” allows for. I’ll have her yet, just you wait.

Again, the point is, this video made me stoked and bravo for Elly Jackson! And sure, while she is seeing ginger quiffs everywhere now, she also notices that there are fewer girls who are willing to rock the same sense of fashion as the dapper Jackson. Because, and she is right, it takes a lot more punch to walk down the street breaking, bending, and liberating not only fashion rules but also the rules of a gendered society. So to all of the androgynous folk out there, here’s to you! Here’s to us! I can tell you full well that living in the gray-area can certainly be a performance, but it is also certainly the most liberating space to play.

So go play! Have a fabulous weekend and damn the gender-normative society to hell!

And too Elly Jackson, queer or not, let’s hang out, you and I, eh? I have a feeling your ginger quiff and my gray mohawk would go fabulous together. Furthermore that electric rainbow shiny suit you're wearing, umm, BLOODY FANTASTIC.

And my friends….Are you listening to “Tigerlily” yet? Good. Now swoon with me.

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