Friday, April 2, 2010

On a Change of Residence

Good afternoon my dapper dudes and darlings! And welcome to my new and improved blog, here at blogspot!

A change had to be made because tumblr just wasn't cutting it any longer. Unable to accommodate my
picture-heavy posts and with an increasing concern that my dear loyal followers wanted to comment on my posts and could not (I kid, it was just my British Lover, but still, I know you have things to say to me folks!) I decided to make a switch to a more reader-friendly venue. So, phew, I spent the past 24 hours switching all of my posts over to here, so that you can still visit some of my older ones...and please do! I added some new pictures to old posts that demand viewing, namely my post about Elly Jackson - new picture of Jackson in an amazing suit - as well as more pictures added to my last post about my three leading men, definitely go check them out. Thanks, guys and dolls.

And thus, today's post is simply going to be this update. To beg of you, my favorites, to add this new link ( to your bookmarked tabs, disregard the tumblr page, and to keep following me. My creative juices are flowing and I have some exciting ideas in store for this blog.

So stick with me kids, we'll go places.

And just to make sure you stay around I'm going to include a couple of pictures to get you through the weekend (courtesy of the GQ website). For starters this amazing heavy wool sports jacket straight from Buddy Holly's closet (sure it's too warm now for a wool jacket, but it's never too warm to think fondly of a dapper rock n' roll gentleman):Hm. Just beautiful.

And also, another little tidbit. If you didn't get enough of him before, here's some more of Ed Westwick. GQ named him one of the 25 most stylish men in the world. I concur GQ, I concur. Here he is looking flawless in a Ralph Lauren Black Label three-piece suit:Well there's that. And here's this, a song and video to get you in the mood for the fast approaching weekend. Kings of Convenience "Misread". Stylish, handsome men, and perfect spring music. (Embedding was disabled by Youtube, so here's the link) Enjoy:

So, remember me, your Boy at Sea, and I'll see you next Monday for new thoughts and a place where you can comment if you so desire! Cheers and happy weekend all (I'm thinking it's a weekend for comfy jeans/slacks and some gingham shirts and pull it all together with some boat shoes!)

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