Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Going (Prematurely) Gray

[Originally posted on March 24th 2010]

Alright ladies, gents, and genderfucks…me again, your Boy at Sea. I return with my second post of the week (I have been considering making this a Monday, Wednesday, Friday soiree, we’ll see if I can make that happen).

But for today, I just have a couple thoughts on the color gray

For starters, these past few days, at least for the Boston-bound have been very gray indeed, but I have seen some blue peeking through and I am holding out hope that in the very near future the mass of roiling gray that is lingering above us will be lifted for brighter days. Surly skies aside I am very excited about the color gray for the upcoming spring and summer months. Mind you this is just my opinion and I have no idea what GQ will be telling you to wear tomorrow, however, I feel as though a layering with light easy grays will be perfect for these early warm months (at least here in the East)

For instance (and I am SUPER STOKED about this) reference the first picture:

A light gray sport coat with notched lapels and two-buttons. Yes indeed my faithfuls I DID just buy a piece just like this over the weekend. It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo but I’m pretty sure mine is lighter in color and fabric, which is just spectacular. It has a wonderful light-blue striped lining as well and is just so very versatile. I cannot wait to try it out. I would just like to say that I think a light gray suit coat such as this, and in fact an entire suit in this color is going to be a fabulous addition to a spring wardrobe. A huge variety of shirts, patterns, ties and pocket squares (yay!) can be matched with this and just make your day go swimmingly.

Furthermore, at the moment I am wearing black skinny jeans, a white V-neck T, a charcoal gray thin zip hoodie, and a very simple gray scarf with a faint yellow, blue and white plaid patten knotted very loosely around my neck. Along with my heavier wool winter coat (gray) over this, but not buttoned I think it provides the right feel for a gray day that is pretty chilly, but still has a hint of spring in the air. Embrace the gray! I make it light on a heavy day…or I try at least.

Next on my list of all things gray:

Yes, my friends, you have heard right…I did indeed declare last night that I wanted to dye my hair gray! Well silver, technically, but it will come out looking more gray than anything. Now don’t fret quite yet, I am simply tossing the idea out there, I have never before dyed my hair (yes indeed this is my natural hair color! and yes indeed I am a true to the core Blonde!) and well, I’m getting a bit bored with my locks once again and I thought, with the coming of warmer months, what better way to distinguish myself (and look like the distinguished man I feel like) than by dying my hair?? It is true, that I must give credit where credit is due, and in fact the first time this thought occurred to me was while reading the blog Style Rookie written by Tavi (the 13? year-old fashion phenom) who has dyed her hair gray and is rocking it like no one’s business! Anyways, I think I could have some fun with it. Perhaps you can all let me know your thoughts? Why, thanks!

And so for your viewing pleasure I have included some of the Silver Foxes that first jumped out at me. And no no, I am not saying I will look anything like Richard Gere or Anderson Cooper, namly because neither of them can rock the mohawk like yours truly (ahem), but still I have good feelings for gray this year…and why not take it the full nine-yards then eh?

Riddle me that.

P.S…in my pursuits for gray haired individuals I stumbled upon this gem, and we all know everyone appreciates a little salt and pepper, enjoy:

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