Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Exciting Things

Hello! Oh! My favorite companions, that you stick by me at all during my extended absences will forever be a's my charm right? My rapier wit and useful fashion tips yeah? Exactly.

But you are here, still, even though I have been on hiatus because my *working man* day job required some serious attention. But don't fret, science was accomplished and I did it in a vintage knit tie no less! (That's right, vintage. knit. tie. Two of them in fact, for a total of $6 at Garment District in Cambridge. Not to mention a new suit coat for $26 that fits like a glove. Like. A. Glove....but more of that later!) Right, so, I disappeared. Science beckoned and I rode the T - early morning - with the rest of the masses and I saw several successful uses of a brightly colored button-down worn under gray and black suits to give them a bit of a spring boost. Well done you Boston trendsters, I see you're reading your GQ:
Alas, don't get too comfortable, because I am going to disappear for a bit again. But for good reason...that's correct my loyal queers and allies, tomorrow marks the start of my vacation to L.A.! A week free of working and commuting and 9 to 5ing, a week spent with a best friend, and a week of West Hollywood, and exploring, and craft beer, and taco trucks, and Oh. Yes...lots of fashion. I have a line up of vintage stores that I plan on trying to visit as well as my camera and 2 sets of backup batteries, not to mention a dream in my heart and a skip in my step...

Since I've never been to the West Coast, and with my new found appreciation for the fashion I want to be a part of, I have big plans to take serious notes on the trends I see and the feelings they give me. And of course, your Boy at Sea will report back in full when I return! So get excited and let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to pay attention to.

A couple other little bits before I sign off for the night...
1. That suit coat I found at Garment District for cheap cheap is Michael Kors, has some killer dark green piping on the inside (you know I love detail!) and I wore it to Queer Prom over a lovely monochromatic paisley white dress shirt (H&M) a pair of killer dress slacks (H&M and while I had to settle for a longer leg to get the waist size I needed since men have no hips, the rolled cuff on the pant actually looked fabulous against my black leather dress shoes) and I pulled the whole look together with a black silk bow tie (yes, the kind you actually have to tie yourself...we'll go over tying a bow tie in later lessons, it's fun!) and a bright purple silk pocket square. I apologze that entire paragraph was one sentence. Let me make it up to you by giving you a little taste of the whole outfit:
A poor quality picture of the coat, pants and pocket square....A slightly better picture of your BaS in said outfit. The way I see it, if it fits you well, snugly, and the lines are clean and classic and you can still dance your pants off in it...than it is a 100% all around win. You never know when you'll need to dance.

And so, the lesson I learned about trying to find suit jackets that fit you appropriately: Always go for a size smaller than you think you'll need. If it is really too small than you can just step it up a size, but often (and what I found with this coat) what you think will be too small will actually fit just right. A suit that fits correctly should have shoulders that only extend a fraction over your own shoulders, you should be able to button all the buttons if you want, it should not go down to the middle of your thigh (shorter is better, long looks sloppy) and the sleeves should actually feel a bit short on your arms that way you can get just the right amount of cuff to peek out. Notice my cuff in the picture, detail like that makes a huge difference in my opinion.

Alright already, enough you say! I know, I was just SO STOKED to get to put that outfit together and go out in public, and let the world see. It was a fantastic feeling. You should all try it sometime. Like now. Do it.
2. I bought new shoes today...and they're GRAY! Oooh boy, gray canvas high top Converse, with a touch of black and white trim and white laces. Super fly and appropriate to dress up or down. I was looking for some new Adidas Sambas, or another one of their black/white stripe styles but NOTHING WAS IN MY GODDAMN SIZE. Little boy's section folks, that's the only way, unless you're blessed with a big foot. I am not. And I cry about it. Especially when you have to pass up the NUMEROUS shoes that I had to. BUT it's okay, my new kicks are kick ass and they are gray, and we all know how in love with gray your Boy at Sea is. It is the new Black. Just watch.
So next time I'll include some sweet pics of my new duds. Until then, you wait with bated breath I'm sure.
3. Lastly, there have been some rumblings, some very very very good rumblings amongst me and some folk about making things a bit bigger, taking things to the next level of this female-bodied male-presenting queer/trans train. And I honestly can't sleep at night with excitement. So, my homework for you my darling followers is to get excited too, start spreading the word of the Boy at Sea to your friends, because I have an intention of hanging around for a bit. Just saying.

Alright, enough talk, bed now, L.A. tomorrow, changing the face of fashion in due time. One more lovely look for you to squirrel away during the long hard week of my absence that lies ahead. Heh.Oh my, three different patterns in one outfit...and it WORKS! My god does it work. Bravo Hamish Bowles, Bravo.

Sweet dreams of sartorial splendor my dears
...Your BaS

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