Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Getting a Second Wind

[Originally posted on March 4th 2010]

It’s hard to say what makes you wake up in a good mood. Was it a good night’s sleep? A great dream? The prospect of a new tomorrow? The sun shining? Could it really just be waking up on the right side of the bed? Well, whatever the hundreds of reasons it could be, every now and again you get to wake up in a profoundly good mood before your feet have even touched the cold wood floor.

Today was one of those days. Now I can’t say how the rest of the day will proceed…working in a lab leaves much to be determined in the spur of the moment, but still, here I am: 9:40 Thursday morning, Passion Pit Pandora station is playing, it started snowing, and I am excited for this day.

Perhaps it is the GREAT hair day I am having, that definitely adds. Perhaps it’s this outfit that is just working today. Or maybe my chest being particularly flat (which always makes everything better for sure). But on top of all of these reasons, there is also a little something extra. A little pep in my step. And no, I didn’t get lucky last night - but that’s okay, we all know how I like to sleep diagonal in the bed anyways. So, what then, is the cause of this little extra bit of happy, this extra strong beating heart in the face of all the things that could go wrong? Here’s my thought:

It’s March 4th. The only day in the entire year that is, in fact, a sentence, a command really. Think about it: March forth. And here’s what it’s telling me. It’s telling me to push onward, move forward, get going, keep going, pick up and start over, try again, get a beat in my step and that song in my heart (which is almost always Cut Copy, Delphic, or Phoenix as of late). If I’m going to listen to any day of the year, I’ll have it be today. February has just ended, and was gross for that matter, and now March is here, with the prospect of bringing still worse Massachusetts weather. And things are starting to get heavy again when I think of the person I am, the person I’m becoming. And then, here is this day, telling me not to worry. For just one moment, don’t fret. March forth, because there is more on the horizon and it’s bound to be epic, in whatever way possible.

So this day tells us…this day commands us to march forth. To proceed in the face of whatever is the ugly and painful. As in war, march forth and let hell come towards you if it dares, but you have a strong pace, a set jaw, and a killer beat moving through your bones. I’m pretty positive not much can stop that.

In fact, I’m stoked to see what happens next. So, onward.

Here’s to you, March fourth. And to us, march forth.

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